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Loose Leaf Binding Mechanisms

Lever Arch Mechanisms, Ring Mechanisms, Post Lock mechanisms, Pressure Clips, Fasteners and Special Mechanisms

Various Accessories

Rivets, Eyelets, Binding Screws, Knobs, Press Buttons, Corners and Badge Clips

Accessories for cases and folders

Metal and Plastic Locks, Metal and Plastic Handles, Elastic with Metal and Plastic Ends, Magnets, Strap Disks, Label Holders

Accessories for Suit Cases and Trunks

Handles, Hinges, Locks and Label Holders

Assembling Machines (also second hand) for production of

Lever Arch Files, Ring Binders, Diaries, Folders, Books, Samples Holders, Cases, Boxes and Trunks

Various Materials

Gray Board, Glue, Elastic, Cord, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated and Inox Band in

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